USC Ling Weekly Digest!

Hi folks! Sorry about the short hiatus the past couple of weeks – we are back! Here’s what’s going on this week:

Monday 09/19 at 2:30pm: USC Ling blog meeting! We are getting together the talk about our blog – if you’re interested in writing for USC Ling, please join us! Let Ana know that you’re coming at

Tuesday 09/20, at 9:30am in GFS330: PhonLunch! Cynthia Lee will present “Global and local interaction of consonant type and tone in the Korean accentual phrase”.

Thursday 09/22 at 2pm in the reading room: Psycholing Lab Meeting! Hayeun Jang will present “/o/-stems as faster late-starters in decay of Korean vowel harmony: An experimental investigation”.

Also Thursday 09/22, at 3:30pm: Tea Time!


Over the past couple of weeks, USC folks have been all over:

Congrats to Tanner Sorensen, who received an ISCA Award for Best Student Paper at Interspeech 2016! The paper’s title is “Characterizing vocal tract dynamics across speakers using real-time MRI” (joint work with Asterios Toutios, Louis Goldstein and Shrikanth S. Narayanan).


Reed Blaylock presented “Velum control in oral sounds” (work with Louis Goldstein and Shrikanth S. Narayanan); Sarah Harper presented  “L2 Acquisition and Production of the English Rhotic Pharyngeal Gesture” (coauthored with Louis and Shri); Maury Lander-Portnoy presented “Release from Energetic Masking Caused by Repeated Patterns of Glimpsing Windows”, and Mairym Lloréns had two presentations: “Investigating the Impact of Dialect Prestige on Lexical Decision” (with Jason Zevin) as a poster and “Perceptual Lateralization of Coda Rhotic Production in Puerto Rican Spanish” (with Shri Narayanan and Louis Goldstein) as a talk. All at INTERSPEECH 2016 in San Francisco:

Charlie O’Hara presented “
Hilary Clinton is not Mitt Romney rich: Nouns modifying degree and dimension of adjectives”; Huilin Fang presented “Subjective standard-setting in gradable predicates: On the Mandarin hen structure” and alum Barbara Tomaszewicz (with Alexandra Spalek) presented “Reading times with complement coercion in Polish: The role of selectional restrictions“, all at Sinn und Bedeutung in Edinburgh:



Ana Besserman presented “Discourse cues can help unravel the garden-path, but the verb must lead the way” and “Effects of surprisal in Garden-Path sentences: an additional source of difficulty” (both joint work with Elsi Kaiser); Monica Do presented “How much structure is required for structural priming? Investigating priming in underspecified structures” (with Elsi); Binh Ngo presented “Effects of passivization on subsequent mention and anaphor production in Vietnamese” (with Elsi); and Elsi Kaiser presented “
Causal sequences across domains: Evidence from language productionand “Hearing only half of the story: What can overheard conversations tell us about language processing?” (this one co-authered with Sayuli Bhide & Casey McMahon). Johanna Klages, visiting student last semester, presented “Juggling multiple perspectives when interpreting epithets: Who’s the crazy genius?” co-authored with Elsi Kaiser, Thomas Weskott, Simone Gerle and Anke Holler. All of this happened at AMLaP in Bilbao:



Don’t forget to check out this  interview in the LA times with Ed Finegan, Professor Emeritus of USC Linguistics!


Last but not least: we are hosting AMP 2016  this year, from Oct 21st to the 23rd Oct.
Your help will be much appreciated! 🙂



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