Weekly Digest 01/22

Good morning, linguists! Here are some events happening this week in our department:

Monday (01/22) at 2pm in GFS111: Syntax+! Haley Wei will present “Adverbial Clauses in Mandarin Chinese: Ordering and Syntax-Discourse-Prosody Interface.”

Also on Monday (01/22), at 2:30pm in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Yoona Yee will present “Articulatory complexity as a factor for phonological similarity: implications for laryngeal co-occurrence restrictions.”

And Thursday (01/25) at 1pm in the Conference Room: Psycholing Lab Meeting! Monica Do and Binh Ngo will present “What influences classifier choice? Investigating the role of perceptual salience.”


Weekly Digest 01/15: Winter break news and more…

In celebration of Martin Luther King day, check out linguist Anne Charity Hudley’s first post as a contributor to Language Log!

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Here’s a recap of what’s been going on since our last update:

CAMP (December 2-3):
At the very first California Meeting in Psycholinguistics at UCLA,  Ana Besserman gave a talk titled “When implicit arguments refer to contextually salient referents: The case of d-linked sprouting” (with Elsi Kaiser); Binh Ngo presented “Vietnamese referential forms in spoken and written narratives” (with Elsi Kaiser); Jesse Storbeck gave a presentation on “Discourse status of possessed nouns affects interpretation of VP ellipsis” (with Elsi Kaiser),  Monica Do gave a talk titled “Message Formulation is multi-factorial and competitive: Evidence from real-time production of wh-questions in two languages” (with Elsi Kaiser and Pengchen Zhao) and Maury Lander-Portnoy presented “Affordance of Auditory Object Formation Improves Speech Perception in Noise.” Here are some pictures:

ASA (Dec3-9)
At the 174th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in New Orleans, (Cynthia) Yoonjeong Lee presented “Prosodic asymmetry in phonetic reorganization of Seoul Korean 3-way voiceless stop contrast” (with Louis Goldstein), Miran Oh presented “Tracking Larynx Movement in Real-Time MRI Data” and Maury Lander-Portnoy presented “Using real time magnetic resonance imaging to measure changes in articulatory behavior due to partial glossectomy.”
Congratulations to Mairym Lloréns Monteserín, whose poster titled “Verbal tic grouping and duration in the speech of a person with Tourette’s” won first place in the student poster competition in the Speech Communication category! Pics below:

LSA (Jan4-7)
At the 92nd Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America in Salt Lake City, Jesse Storbeck gave a talk titled “Possession type affects resolution of possessive pronouns in English VP ellipsis” (with Elsi Kaiser), Monica Do presented “What can wh-questions tell us about real-time language production? Evidence from English and Mandarin” (with Elsi Kaiser and Pengchen Zhao), Binh Ngo presented “Effects of grammatical roles and topicality on Vietnamese referential form production” (with Elsi Kaiser), Charlie O’Hara gave a talk on “Learnability captures soft typology of coda stop inventories”, Caitlin Smith presented “Partial transparency in harmony: a dynamic gestural model” and Alumns Brian Hsu and Saurov Syed presented “Cross-linguistic evidence for split indexical projections in DPs”.

* * *

Roumyana Pancheva gave invited talks at the Formal Description of Slavic Languages 12.5 conference at the University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, and at a colloquium in the Department of Linguistics, University of Venice. She presented on “Perspectival effects in double object structures with clitics” (joint work with Maria Luisa Zubizarreta).

* * *

Toby Mintz and (Felix) Hao Weng have new publications! Check them out:

Wang, F. H., & Mintz, T. H. (2017). The role of reference in cross-situational word learning. Cognition, 170, 64-75.

Wang, F. H., Zevin, J., & Mintz, T. H. (2017).  Top-down structure influences learning of non-adjacent dependencies in an artificial language.  Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146, 1738-1748 .

Mintz, T. H., Walker, R. L., Welday, A., & Kidd, C. (2017). Infants’ sensitivity to vowel harmony and its role in segmenting speech. Cognition, 171, 95-107.

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More to come! Stay tuned for Spring 2018
and please submit news and updates here

Welcome to Lisa Jo!

Please join me in welcoming Lisa Jo, our new Program Specialist at the Linguistics department!

lisaLisa Jo graduated with a BA in Psychology from CSULB, completed the Professional Program in Producing at the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television and a MA in Counseling Psychology from NU.  She also has an additional year of post graduate coursework in Clinical, Health, Diversity & Intercultural Psychology from CSPP. Lisa Jo has the unique experience of having worked in education, psychology and medicine as well as several creative positions in film and television. She joins our team with several years of experience in higher education.  She has worked in Student Affairs, Medical Education, Program Development and Health Psychology Research at UCI and UCLA Schools of Medicine.  She has also worked in Admissions and Financial Aid at USC.  Lisa Jo’s favorite part of her job is working with students to help make the university experience the best it can be, increasing student well-being and providing students with resources to overcome obstacles standing in their path to success. Outside of work, Lisa Jo enjoys volunteering and spending time with her family and dogs. She also appreciates a rainy day, a good book and a great cup of coffee.

Weekly Digest 11/28

To protest the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, graduate students at USC have organized a national walkout/rally called the #GradTaxWalkoutWednesday November 29th at 10am at the Tommy Trojan Statue.

* * *

This Wednesday, 11/29 in the Conference Room: from 9:30am to 12pm, CAMPATHON! Monica Do, Jesse Storbeck, Binh Ngo and Ana Besserman will give practice talks in anticipation to the 1st CAlifornia Meeting in Psycholinguistics (CAMP) this weekend at UCLA – everyone is welcome! Then, at 12pm: Psycholinguistics Lab Meeting! Alexis Wellwood will present “Individuating and comparing objects and events“. 

Thursday 11/30 at 12:30pm in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Merouane Behassine will present “A dynamical field account of the perceptual magnet effect.”

On Thursday evening, Syntax+ will be getting together for Ian Roberts’ last evening in LA! Please contact Thomas for more details.

And don’t forget to RSVP for our End-of-the-year Holiday Party this Friday!!!

* * *

Here is our 2nd year cohort celebrating the end of their first semester TAing and displaying their ling mugs! A wonderful tradition – thank you, Rachel!




Weekly Digest 11/13

Maury Lander-Portnoy presented a poster on “The Use of Real Time MRI in the Assessment of Articulatory Outcomes of Partial Glossectomy” (joint work with Louis Goldstein) at the 2017 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) convention in Los Angeles, CA.

* * *

Here are this week’s highlights:

Today (Monday 11/13) at 2.30 in VKC201a bonus Psycholinguistics presentation by Jesse Harris and Stephanie Rich (UCLA) titled “Predicted analyses linger: The case for structural prediction with either-or structures.”

Also at 2:30pm, in the Conference Room: PhonLunchMairym Llorens will present  “Verbal tic and word duration in Tourette’s” and Sarah Harper will presentOn simultaneous electromagnetic articulatography and electroglottography data acquisition.”

At 3:30pm in KAP 165: Syntax+Edward J Rubin (University of Utah)  will give a talk on “Obligatory Clitic-Doubling in a non-Clitic-Doubling Language.”

Wednesday (11/15) at 12pm in the Conference Room: our own USC alumna Fatma Nihan Ketrez (İstanbul Bilgi University) will give a talk on “Twin challenge in language acquisition.

Weekly Digest 11/06

It’s November!!

Here’s what’s happening this week:

This Monday 11/06 2:30pm in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Hayeun Jang will present “[ATR] vs. [RTR]: Interaction of vowel features.”

Later on Monday at 3:30pm in the same room: Syntax+! Haley Wei Wei will present “The central and peripheral adverbial clauses in Chinese.”

And Wednesday 11/08 at 12pm in the Conference Room: Psycholing Lab Meeting! Sarah Lee will present “The time course of aspectual interpretation in the processing of goal-of-motion sentences.”

Weekly Digest 10/30

Stefan Keine and Bhamati Dash presented “Agreememt reversals and the directionality of Agree” and Wei Wei and Rachel Walker presented “The Lookahead Effect in the Reduplication-Phonology Interaction” at the 48th Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society (NELS 48) hosted at the University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland.

This past Friday we had our traditional Halloween party – thanks so much to Miran Oh and Sarah Lee for putting it together, to Cynthia Lee for hosting us, and to everyone else who showed up! Another great night of linguists hanging out and some very original costumes, including linguistics-themed ones!


This week, you won’t want to miss…

Today, Monday 10/30 at 3:30pm in the Conference Room: Valentine Hacquard (University of Maryland) will give a colloquium talk titled “Children’s attitude problems.”

Wednesday 11/01 at 12pm in the Conference Room: Psycholing Lab Meeting! Miran Oh will present “Sub-syllable domain of corrective focus in Korean.”

Thursday 11/02 at 11:30am in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Caitlin Smith will present “Strength in gestural phonology.”