USC Ling Weekly Digest March 6th

Congratulations to Saurov Syed and Andrew Simpson, whose paper “On the DP/NP status of nominal projections in Bangla: Consequences for the theory of phases” has been accepted for publication at GLOSSA! You can find the paper here.

Bhamati Dash has just returned from MIT where she presented at FASAL 7. Bhamati presented a poster on “Anticipatory Processing with an Impoverished Cue: An experimental study of wh scope marking constructions in Hindi” (joint work with Elsi Kaiser) and gave a talk titled “Kya high ki low? An investigation of the yes/no particle in Hindi, Bangla and Odia” (joint work with Saurov Syed).

This week we have our Open House! Here are some highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • On Wednesday (03/08) we’ll have the graduate student dinner at Cynthia’s in Downtown LA;
  • Thursday (08/09): breakfast check-in at 9am; department luncheon at 12pm; psycholinguistics lab meeting at 4pm; and the department dinner at 6pm!
  • Friday (08/10): Syntax+ meeting at 11am, lunch at 12pm.

USC Ling Weekly Digest Feb.27

Coming your way soon: Chorong Kang’s new son Dan!
Chorong will be returning to USC to complete and defend her dissertation in late April/May, and will be bringing her son along with her.  Dan is going to be checking USC out as a possible place for his later studies, so please give him a warm welcome.


Congratulations to Shri Narayanan, who was named first holder of the Niki and C. L. Max Nikias Chair in Engineering! Read more here.

Last week, Rachel Walker taught a mini course at MIT on “Sub-segmental Representation” and she gave a colloquium on Temporal Structure in Phonology”. Her visit coincided with unseasonably warm record-breaking weather in Cambridge.
Here’s a picture of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston near MIT:

Elsi Kaiser gave a talk entitled “Who should I agree with? Imposters and mismatches in pronominal agreement” at the Debrecen Workshop on Pronouns, held at the University of Debrecen, in Hungary. Here are some pictures of the University:

And here’s the scoop on this week:

Thursday 03/02 at 5pm in the Linguistics Conference Room:
Psycholinguistics lab meeting! Jesse Storbeck will talk about his screening project on “Acquisition of non-adjacent categorical dependencies in an artificial grammar.”

And Friday 03/03, NhaBinh Ngo will give a practice talk on “What influences the choice of classifier? A case study in Vietnamese”, in preparation for a talk she will give at Northeastern Illinois University. Exact time and place will be announced soon.

As usual, if you have any news or updates, please send them our way!

USC Ling Weekly Digest Feb.21

Hello, linguists! We hope you enjoyed this long rainy weekend! Here’s what’s happening this week:

Thursday 2/23 at 3:30pm in WPH400: Ian Roberts will present in a special Syntax+!
And also on Thursday at 3:30, PhonLunch will have an organizational meeting.

* * *

This past weekend a group of USC linguists presented at GLOW in Asia XI at the National University of Singapore!
Hayeun Jang presented a poster on “Decay of ungrounded rules: the residual vowel harmony of Middle Korean in Contemporary Korean”; Bhamati Dash gave a talk titled “A unified account of the yes/no particle in Hindi, Bangla, and Odia”, joint work with Saurov Syed; and Yifan Yang and Wei Wei presented a talk on “Verbal reduplication in Mandarin Chinese: an analysis at syntax-phonology interface”.



USC Ling Weekly Digest Feb.13

This week…

… on Monday, 02/13 at 5pm in the Philosophy Department’s seminar room: Alexis Wellwood (Northwestern) will be giving a talk on “How to mean ‘more'”.

and on Thursday, 2/16 at 5pm in the Linguistics Conference Room: Psycholing Lab Meeting! NhaBinh Ngo will talk about “Kinship features in Vietnamese pronoun resolution”.

Don’t forget to submit any news or updates here.

Happy valentine’s day!

USC Ling Weekly Digest Feb. 6

This past weekend, Jessica Harmon presented “Simultaneous articulation as a window into structure: non-manual negation as explicit scope marking in ASL” at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society.

And here’s what’s happening this week:

This Monday 02/6 at 3:30 in GFS330: colloquium speaker Matt Wagers (UC Santa Cruz) will give a talk about sentence processing work he has conducted on pronouns in Chamorro.

Thursday 2/9 at 3:30 in B47 (Social Sciences Building):  Syntax+! Saurov Syed and Bhamati Dash will present “A unified account of the yes/no particle in Hindi, Bangla, and Odia”.

also on Thursday 2/9, at 5pm in GFS330: Lindy Comstock (UCLA) will present “Morphological priming in Russian”.

Statement from the USC Linguistics Faculty

The faculty of the Linguistics Department at USC strongly condemns the immigration and travel ban signed and implemented on January 27, 2017. We believe the ban is immoral: it targets individuals on the basis of their nationality, and ultimately their ethnicity and religion, it denies protection to refugees escaping war and persecution, and it tears apart families and communities. We are also deeply alarmed by the execution of the ban, which has resulted in prolonged detainment at airports, denial of legal representation, and deportations.

We stand with our current and former students who are directly affected by this ban, many of whom have aging parents and relatives in the targeted countries.  It tears at our hearts to imagine what a terrible and unreasonable hardship they are facing right now. We also stand with all our international students who now fear that they may not be able to continue their studies in the US. We support all of our students regardless of their nationality, citizenship, ethnicity, or religion.  Although we are a small department, our faculty and students come from many countries, working together and enriching each other’s lives. We are one another’s colleagues, classmates, teachers, mentors, and friends. When confronted with xenophobia, islamophobia, and racism, we can count on one another for the care and strength we need to persevere, and to continue our work together.

As scientists, we are committed to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and we aspire to foster rational and critical thinking, free of prejudice and dogma. We oppose barriers to the communication of ideas and collaborative efforts for discovery. We strongly oppose discriminatory actions aimed at anyone in our community. We value diversity. We believe in human equality and dignity. We will not be divided.

USC Ling Weekly Digest Jan.30

Hello everybody! Here’s what you shouldn’t miss this week:

Monday 01/30 at 3:30pm in GFS330: Juliet Stanton (MIT) will give a talk titled “Constraints on the Distribution of Nasal-Stop Sequences: An Argument for Contrast”!

Thursday 02/02 at 5pm in GFS330:  Stefan Keine will give a tutorial on analyzing self-paced reading data using R.