Congratulations to Recent Dissertation Defenders & Grads

We have been remiss to delay a post on our many recent graduates and dissertation defenders for so long, but here now, for your viewing pleasure, is one congratulations megapost!

In May, PhD students Arunima Choudhury, Christina Hagedorn, Fang-Ying Hsieh, and Lucy Kyoungsook Kim attended the PhD Hooding Ceremony supported by several faculty and staff representatives from the department including Brandon Washington and professors Dani Byrd, Louis Goldstein, and Elsi Kaiser. Congratulations to these students on their hard-earned PhDs!

L-R: Fang-Ying Hsieh, Christina Hagedorn, Lucy Kyoungsook Kim, Arunima Choudhury
L-R: PhDs Fang-Ying Hsieh, Christina Hagedorn, Lucy Kyoungsook Kim, and Arunima Choudhury
L-R: Fang-Ying Hsieh, Arunima Choudhury, Elsi Kaiser, Brandon Washington, Louis Goldstein, Lucy Kim and Christina Hagedorn
L-R: Fang-Ying Hsieh, Arunima Choudhury, Professor Elsi Kaiser, Brandon Washington, Professor Louis Goldstein, Lucy Kim and Christina Hagedorn

Already this semester, two students have defended dissertations:

Ellen O’Connor successfully defended her dissertation, “Comparative Illusions at the Syntax-semantics Interface”

Iris Ouyang successfully defended her dissertation, “Prosody and Informativity: a Cross-linguistic Investigation”

A hearty congrats to all of our recent grads and successful dissertation defenders!


Congratulations to Our New BAs and PhDs!

June can mean only one thing — graduation season! The USC Department of Linguistics graduated 13 undergraduates and 6 graduate students this year. In addition, many grad students defended dissertations in the last few weeks. We proudly congratulate all of the following students on their recent graduation and successful defenses, not to mention their many years of hard work at USC. Congratulations, all, and good luck in your future endeavors!

Undergraduate Students

Evangeline Alva
Won Jeong Cho
Xiaxun Ding
Nelly Escobar
Patience Fetzer
Aaron Fleiss
Megan Harmon
Tyler Isaman
Jessica Lee
Josephine Lim
Annika Linde
Helen Park
Hui Ying

Graduate Students

Xiao He

What ‘You’ and ‘I’ Can Say About Ziji: Reference Resolution and Non-structural Constraints
Xiao has accepted a lectureship in Linguistics and Quantitative Methods at the University of Manchester.

David Li
Investigating the Production and Perception of Reduced Speech: A Cross-linguistic Look at Articulatory Coproduction and Compensation for Coarticulation

Ben Parrell
Dynamics of consonant reduction
Ben won a post-doctoral fellowship funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Research Service Award, which he will use to pursue postdoctoral research and additional training at the Department of Psychology at UC Berkeley. Ben has also accepted an Assistant Professorship at the University of Delaware’s Linguistics Department beginning in Fall 2015.

Sergio Robles-Puente
Prosody in Contact: Spanish in Los Angeles
Sergio has accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Spanish Linguistics at the University of West Virginia.

Barbara Tomaszeswicz
Focus Association in Superlative Expressions
Barbara was also recently awarded a very competitive NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for her research.

Hector Velasquez
A Reduplicative Analysis of Sentence Modal Adverbs in Spanish
Hector has accepted a teaching position at his alma mater, Universidad Católica de Lima, Perú.