Weekly Digest, April 29

Classes are done, and graduation 🎓 season is just around the corner! We’ve rounded up some more news from this past academic year to share this week! This week: everything from MRIs to cookies with eyes to recent publications, and even a linguistics fun fact.

If you have news to share, please submit your news for future issues of SCling Wrap, cause we need your help keeping up with what’s fresh at USC Linguistics.

Opening Ceremonies: Welcome to our new labs!

In 2021-2022, we’ve had two new USC Linguistics-affiliated labs/centers open! 🎉

New Dynamic Imaging Science Center Opens!

The new USC Dynamic Imaging Science Center has opened in the Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience! The mission of the Dynamic Imaging Science Center (Professor Krishna Nayak, director; NSF-funded) is to better understand the science of human movement in health and disease through the development and use of non-invasive imaging. The facility operates a high-performance 0.55 Tesla whole-body MRI scanner, with a wide range of physiological monitoring systems that can be utilized simultaneously with imaging.  Dynamic vocal tract imaging is one of DISC’s domains of specialization.  Professors Dani Byrd and Khalil Iskarous are on DISC’s Management and Oversight Board, and Dani Byrd was on the DISC Planning Committee. (Pictures of this swanky new center courtesy of Dani Byrd.)

New PoMMLab Opens!

Welcome to Zuzanna Fuchs new Psycholinguistics of Mono- and Multilingualism Lab–PoMMLab for short–in GFS. There was a ribbon-cutting this past week now that the lab is ready to go, complete with PoMMLab and eye-tracking themed snacks. (Picture courtesy of Zuzanna Fuchs.)


  • Alexis Wellwood has accepted the role of Deputy Direct of the School of Philosophy. Congrats, Alexis!

Inked ✍️

A bunch of publications by current students and faculty came out this year! Here’s a summary:

  • D. Byrd and J. Krivokapić. (2021) Cracking prosody in Articulatory Phonology.  Annu. Rev. Linguist. 7:31-53.  Link to paper.
  • S. Gordon Danner, J. Krivokapić, D. Byrd. (2021) Co-speech movement in conversational turn-taking. Frontiers in Communication, 16 December 2021. Link to paper.
  • J. Krivokapić, W. Styler, D. Byrd. (2022) The role of speech planning in the articulation of pauses. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (151), 402-413. Link to paper.
  • Y. Lee, L. Goldstein, B. Parrell, D. Byrd. (2021) Who converges? Variation reveals individual speaker adaptability. Speech Communication. 131:23-34.  Link to paper.
  • Y. Lim, A. Toutios, Y. Bliesener, Y. Tian, S. Lingala, C. Vaz, T. Sorensen, M. Oh, S. Harper, W. Chen, Y. Lee, J. Töger, M. Montesserin, C. Smith, B. Godinez, L. Goldstein, D. Byrd, K. Nayak, and S. Narayanan (2021) A multispeaker dataset of raw and reconstructed speech production real-time MRI video and 3D volumetric images. Scientific Data 8, 187 (Nature Press). Link to paper.
  • M. Oh, D. Byrd, S. Narayanan. (2021) Leveraging real-time MRI for illuminating linguistic velum action.  Proc. Interspeech 2021, 3964-3968. Link to paper.
  • Deniz Rudin. 2022. “Intonational Commitments.” Journal of Semantics. Link to paper.
  • Y. Tian, Y. Lim, Z. Zhao, D. Byrd, S. Narayanan, K.S. Nayak. (2021) Aliasing artifact reduction in spiral real-time MRI. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 86(2): 916-925. Link to paper.
  • Yifan Yang. In press. “Rapa Nui: A case for correspondence in reduplication.” Linguistic Inquiry. Link to paper.
  • Yifan Yang, Rachel Walker, Alessandro Vietti, & Armin Chiochetti. “Ladin, Varieties of Val di Fassa.” Journal of the IPA. Link to paper.
  • Z. Zhao, Y. Lim, D. Byrd, S. Narayanan, K.S. Nayak. (2021) Improved 3D real-time MRI of speech production. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 85(6): 3182-3195. Link to paper.

Look Who’s Talking

  • Dani Byrd gave the alumni speech honoring Professor Pat Keating at UCLA’s April 22 Linguistics Retirement Gala at the Fowler Museum.
    • also coming up for Dani: Y. Tian, W. Chen, D. Byrd, S. Narayanan, K.S. Nayak. “Tongue deformation and strain estimation using tagged RT-MRI and optical flow.” Power pitch presentation at ISMRM in May.
  • Zuzanna Fuchs will be giving a talk, “Heritage speakers’ ability to use gender in online processing: evidence from eye-tracking” at Heritage Languages Around the World (HLAW, 18-20 May).
  • Luismi Miguel Toquero Perez has been going on the talk circuit! He’s given the following talks in the last week, and has another coming up in June:
    • with Colin Davis. “The Interaction of Clitic Pronouns and Parasitic Gaps in a Variety of Spanish.” CLS58 in April.
    • with Antonio M. Cleani. “Uniform dimensionality across the board: Many oranges and morphosyntactic opacity.” at GLOW 45 workshop Typological generalizations and semantic theory (QMU, London) in April.
    • with Antonio M. Cleani. “Multiform Dimensionality: many, tant-PL, & morpho-syntactic opacity.” at SALT32 in June.

Call for Papers: USC Working Papers in Linguistics

Another reminder about the Call for Papers for USC WPiL:

We are delighted to announce that we are (re-)starting publications of our annual departmental journal, USC Working Papers in Linguistics! For this year’s volume, we will be accepting paper submissions until the deadline, July 1, 2022

The idea behind this journal is to create an opportunity for our own graduate students to give and receive feedback on the research that is conducted in our department. So, each submission will be reviewed by our own graduate students, and feedback will be provided before the volume is published in the Fall. This is a great way to get feedback on your projects to develop them for journal publications in the future!

Please note that the publications in this journal are considered a work-in-progress, and publication in this journal does not preclude publication of the same work in a different journal.

You can find the call for papers with more information on submission requirements on our website. Submissions should be sent to uscwpinling@gmail.com.

We look forward to your submissions! Please feel free to email us with any questions you might have!

Mete & Darby

Linguistics Fun Facts in the Wild

In a now-viral tweet, Adam Woodnutt recently pointed out that the naming conventions of wild pigs is far from boar-ing:

Upcoming Events


The North American Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information (NASSLLI) will be hosted at USC June 18-24, in person and synchronously online. Registration is free but required for USC faculty and students! Make sure to register by May 13, 2022 on the NASSLI page.

Department Events

  • Saturday, 4/30, 4:30pm: Linguistics End-of-the-Year Gathering. If you haven’t heard yet, we’re having an end of year park get-together! For details, please contact organizers Jessica Campbell and Adam Woodnutt.
  • Friday, 5/20, 2pm: Yifan Yang dissertation defense. GFS conference room.

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