Weekly digest — 04/05/2021

After a bit of a long pause, the weekly digest is back! Check out some of the department highlights for this upcoming week!


WCCFL 39, hosted virtually by the University of Arizona at Tucson, is happening this week: April 8-11. A few of our faculty and students will be representing the department.

  • Sarah Hye-Yeon Lee and Elsi Kaiser will be giving a talk entitled “(Not) shifting together: An experimental investigation of Korean anaphors and subjective predicates”.
  • Samir Alam and Elango Kumaran will be giving a talk entitled “Focus- sensitive restrictions on multiargument agreement in Maithili”
  • Colin Davis will be presenting a poster on “Evidence for Case Containment from Balkar Possessive Morphology”

For more details about the program, check the link. Registration is free in case you were wondering!

This week in the department’s virtual conference room

No meetings! Phonlunch and Syntax+ are not meeting since Wednesday is a wellness day. Psycholing lab will resume meetings after WCCFL.

Alumni news

Congratulations to Hayeun Jang (Ph.D. USC 2020) on her appointment as an Assistant Professor at Busan University of Foreign Studies!

Congratulations to Saurov Syed (Ph.D. USC 2017) who recently received tenure at the University of Auckland Department of Linguistics.

Breaking News: renaming Syntax+

Syntax+ is turning 19! And with this new coming of age, there comes a new name. Given the amount of increasing interest in the “+” side of syntax, there has been a discussion about renaming the syntax lab group. The aim is to give the interfaces the central role they deserve (after all, that is where variation resides). If you would like to contribute with suggestions to rebrand the group, please email Adam Woodnutt at woodnutt@usc.edu. Some of the potential candidates so far are S, and S-side story.

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