Weekly Digest – April 01, 2019

Congratulations to Professor Shrikanth Narayanan, who as been inducted as a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering for his “pioneering contributions to behavioral informatics and applications to mental health, and to real-time magnetic resonance imaging of speech production.”



USC was well represented at this past weekend’s 32nd CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing in Boulder, Colorado! Sarah Hye-yeon Lee presented “How do repeated result states fare in sentence comprehension and production?” (with Elsi Kaiser) and “Generalizing subjective opinions: evidence from two classes of perspectival adjectives” (Elsi Kaiser and Sarah Hye-yeon Lee); Jesse Storbeck presented “Gender mismatch and possession type effects on interpretation of VP ellipsis” (with Elsi Kaiser); Ana Besserman presented “Implicit objects in discourse: Likelihood of reference and choice of referring expression” (with Elsi Kaiser); Binh Ngo presented “Implicit causality: A comparison between English and Vietnamese verbs” (with Elsi Kaiser); Samantha Gordon Danner presented “Co-speech movement behavior at floor exchanges and interruptions” (with alumna Jelena Krivokapic and Dani Byrd); Elsi Kaiser also presented “Perspectival plurality: interpreting multiple perspectival elements in one domain.” Alumna Monica Do (UPenn) gave a talk titled “Discourse Effects on the Source-Goal Asymmetry” (with Anna Papafragou and John Trueswell);  alumna Mythili Menon (Wichita State University) presented “Comprehension of agreement mismatch errors in language transfers to non-congruent musical preferences” (with Drew Colcher); and alumna Barbara Tomaszewicz (Universität zu Köln) presented “World knowledge and the interpretation of relative and absolute adjectives” (with Petra B. Schumacher).
Here are a few pics:

* * *

Reminder: Next week, on April 08 at 3:30pm in the Conference Room, Ming Xiang (University of Chicago) will give a colloquium talk titled “Bridging the gap between parsing and interpretation through Bayesian pragmatic inferences.”

* * *

This week, in the Linguistics department…

Monday (04/01) at 3:30pm in the Conference Room: Syntax+ Writing Session!

Tuesday (04/02) at 9:30am in the Conference Room: Psycholinguistics Lab Meeting! Silvia Kim will present “Spanish in contact with Korean: New insights into language switching.”

Thursday (04/04) at 12pm in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Miran Oh will present.



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