Pets of Linguistics

I hope everyone has been enjoying their Spring Break – it’s about to get better! I present to you: the adorable pets of linguistics. Happy Friday, and make sure to tune in next Monday for exciting ling news!

* * *

Here is Betul’s playful Jale: “balloon maniac, also likes visiting neighbors”. I have seen videos and can attest: No one likes balloons more than this kitty.


Roumi has shared pictures of a handsome fella you may have had the pleasure of meeting before: Leo! I have heard Leo really enjoys his night time strolls through the neighborhood…


Sung sent us Kong, 9 years old – and Kong is 100% charming in either summer or winter! Here’s definitive proof:


Speaking of pups who look their best regardless of the season: Sarah is sharing with us pictures of Cookie, her 12-year-old brown miniature poodle. “Yes, these two pictures are of the same dog. He just looks a lot different with short/long hair.”  DOUBLE CUTENESS!


Elsi sent us pictures of a small tiger, I mean, cat: “this is Hammie, a 19 year old cat who has moved with us from Philadelphia, PA to Rochester, NY to Los Angeles! He loves snacks, freeze dried chicken and snuggles.” And he deserves all of it!

Barry is sharing with us lovely Hershel Hershlowitz (1994-2008), who has the best name and looks absolutely snuggly.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 11.18.29 AM.png


Jesse is gracing us with a picture of drop-dead gorgeous Lucinda, age 10, who enjoys “sleeping on top of the bookshelf, begging for meals and chasing hair ties.”

Angela is cheering our Friday with delightful pictures of her cat, Potato! Potato looks like he wants to play and will not take no for an answer. That’s okay because no one would say no to you, Potato!

Andrew is giving us the best of both worlds: “This is my hiking buddy, Demon, who sometimes needs a little help, but is always happy to be out on the trail.”

“This is Ninja, who wakes me up every morning at 6.00 by tapping his paw on my nose, asking to be fed.  He then goes back to sleep for the day.”

Ninja 2
“This is Smoky, who is a snuggler and a loud snorer, so we always know where he is.”
Smokey 1


Silvia is sharing with us her lovely 6 years old Pomeranian, Mango! “Interesting fact about him: Mango sings only when I play the piano, he ignores the rest of my family members when they try to play to make him sing.” Mango cannot be fooled. What a cutie:



Rachel sent us handsome Federico, “a lovely stray that we recently adopted after he chose us and our yard as his home.” I am not a fan of extreme sports but 10/10 would try to pet that belly:



Miran sent us her good-looking, hard-at-work Kahncho, who likes to micromanage her while she works. Keep doing a great job, Kahncho! #worldsbestboss


Hajime is sharing with us his beautiful cat, named QE. “She is a very good hunter although you cannot tell that from this photo.” Look at those eyes – I believe it!



Haley sent us pictures of Tito and Cosmo, both of which seem to know just how cute they are (VERY cute!). “Cosmo is 13 years old and enjoys long naps on the couch, begging for treats, and staring at people until they become uncomfortable. Tito’s full name is Zapatito because of the little shoes on his paws. His talents include knocking things on the floor and then hiding them under the couch.”


And these are Ana’s Buffy Bunny-Cakes Prince 92 (belly up) and Blade The Beast Maron (weirdo next to her). “They spend evenings looking for vampires, which unfortunately seems to require making a mess and breaking things. This is the price you pay if you want a vampire-free household, I’m afraid.”

You might remember seeing baby Tito and Blade in the department; here’s a throwback:


(the other two kittens also found a good home!)

Have a great weekend! 


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