USC Ling Weekly Newsletter 01/14

Welcome to Spring 2019! Here are some news you might have missed during the break:

Congratulations to Roumyana Pancheva, who was promoted to full professor!

And congratulations to our recent alum Caitlin Smith, who will be a lecturer this spring in the Department of Linguistics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill!

* * *

At at the end of Fall 2018 we had our annual departmental holiday party – thanks Brooke for organizing it, and thanks to everyone who helped and attended! Here are some pictures:

* * *

In December 1-2 we also hosted the 2nd CAlifornia Meeting in Psycholinguistics (CAMP) – thanks so much to all who made this wonderful conference possible! Here are some pictures:

* * *

Alexis Wellwood gave a talk titled “Events in language and mind” at the 13th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic and Communication, December 8-9 2018, in the Laboratory for Perceptual and Cognitive Systems, Faculty of Computing, University of Latvia.

Roumyana Pancheva gave an invited talk titled “Aspect in the historical present” at the Brussels Conference on Generative Grammar 11: The syntax and semantics of aspect, in KE Leuven, Brussel Campus, Belgium.  Betul Erbasi gave a talk titled “Matrix verb type and the availability of aspectual structure” at BCGL, December 10-11.

Here are Betul and alums Barbara, Ulli and Thomas in Ghent before BCGL 11:



This year, Roumyana Pancheva and Khalil Iskarous were co-chairs of the Program Committee for this year’s LSA!

Three USC faculty presented talks at the “Inside Segments” Workshop at the LSA in NYC:
Khalil Iskarous presented “Energy and phonology”, Stephanie Shih and Sharon Inkelas presented “Subsegments and the emergence of segments” and Rachel Walker presented “Cross-segment partial overlap.”

At the LSA, Reed Blaylock presented “The influence of metronomic rhythm on speech rhythm in a chanting task”, Hayeon Jang presented “Emergent phonological gradience from articulatory synergy”, Tommy Lee presented “Head movement with semantic effects: Aspectual verb raising in Cantonese”, alumn Cynthia Lee presented “Dynamical systems model of prosodic asymmetry in the co-expression of phrasal and segmental tone” (joint work with Louis Goldstein and Dani Byrd), alum Caitlin Smith presented “Asymmetries in cross-height rounding harmony”, alum Monica Do presented “The syntax-to-semantics mapping in real-time language production: A view from psych verbs” (with Elsi Kaiser) and Elsi Kaiser & Jesse Storbeck presented “Emergent clusters of subjective adjectives: On the importance of experienced judges”.

At the SCiL sister society of the LSA, Caitlin Smith and Charlie O’Hara presented a talk “Formal Characterizations of True and False Sour Grapes” and Charlie also presented a poster “Place and position are computationally different”.

Here are pictures of  current and alumn USC folks at this year’s LSA:

* * *

And this week, in the Linguistics department…

Tuesday 01/15 at 9:30am in the Conference Room: Psycholinguistics Lab Meeting! This week we will discuss website creation and management.





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