USC Ling Weekly Digest 11/12

Congrats to Betul Erbasi! Her chapter “Turkish doubled verbs as doubled TPs” has been published in the book Exact Repetition in Grammar and Discourse.

Congrats to Reed Blaylock! His work on beatboxing utilizing MRI scanners has been featured in The New York TimesPopular Science, and Business Times.

This past week at 176th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Victoria, Canada (Nov 5-9): Hayeon Jang presented “Contribution of the tongue tip retraction in the articulation of high vowels”, Mairym Llorens presented “Distributional patterning of reflex cough during telephone conversations”, Miran Oh presented “Enriching the Understanding of Glottalic Consonant Production: Vertical Larynx Movement in Hausa Ejectives and Implosives”, Brooke Kidner presented “Belching as a non-lexical speech object: Evidence from pop-culture”, Chloe Gfeller presented “Positional allophony in ejective stops: a case study of Georgian”, Samantha Gordon Danner presented “Hand gesture density in prosodically important speech regions” and “Assessing multimodal speech-gesture coordination: correlation map analysis for signal comparison” and alumna Cynthia Lee presented “The role of vertical larynx movement in the tense-lax contrast of Seoul Korean stops across phrasal position.”



The Python for Linguistics workshop this past weekend was a huge success – a special thanks to alumn Ed Holsinger for teaching, and to Binh Ngo for organizing it!


* * *

This week, in the Linguistics department…

On Wednesday 11/14 at 10 am in the Conference Room: Psycholinguistics Lab meeting! Silvia Kim will present “Korean/English code-switching by heritage speakers.”

Also on Wednesday 11/14, at 12pm in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Yifan Yang will present “Backcopying driven by surface correspondence.









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