USC Ling Weekly Digest 10/22

Last week, Brooke Kidner presented “Utilizing Esophageal Speech as a Communicative Utterance: Empirical Evidence from Pop Culture”, Mairym Llorens presented “Analysis of behavioral signals to understand speech planning and production in the lab and in the wild” and Reed Blaylock presented “Breaking Down the Beat: The Art and Science of Beatboxing” at the SACNAS/GASP Research Pairing Mixer at USC.


Elsi Kaiser gave an invited colloquium talk titled “Implicit elements in language: Psycholinguistics investigations of their interpretation and discourse status” at the Saarland University, in Germany (Oct 18).


* * *

This week, in the linguistics department…

Wednesday 10/24 at 10am in the Conference Room: Psycholing Lab meeting! Angela Xiaoxue He will give a practice talk for BUCLD (the Boston Conference on Language Development) titled “Sleep consolidates syntactically-derived verb meanings in 2-year-olds.”

Also on Wednesday 10/24, at noon in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Brooke Kidner, Miran Oh, Samantha Danner and Cynthia Lee will give ASA practice talks.




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