USC Ling Weekly Digest 10/08

USC linguists have just returned from presenting at AMP 2018 in San Diego: Hayeon Jang presented “Articulatory-based subfeatural representations: tongue-tip perturbation made by high vowels”; Charlie O’Hara and alumn Caitlin Smith presented “Computational Complexity and Sour-Grapes-Like Patterns”; Charlie O’Hara also presented “The Sweet Spot Effect: Rare Phonotactic Patterns Require Specific Lexical Frequencies”; Reed Blaylock presented “Lingual egressive airstream harmony in beatboxing” (joint work with Nimisha Patil, Timothy Greer, and Shrikanth Narayanan); and alumn Brian Hsu (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) presented “Predicting exceptional prosodification effects in Gradient Harmonic Grammar.” Here are some pictures:


This week, in the Linguistics department…

Monday 10/08 at 3:30pm in the Conference Room: Masha Polinsky (University of Maryland) will kick-off our colloquium series with  “On the right periphery.”

Wednesday 10/10 at 10am in the Conference Room: Psycholinguistics Lab meeting! Madhumanti Datta presents “The interaction of distributional and semantic information in learning verb alternation patterns – A novel verb learning study.”

Also Wednesday 10/10, at 12pm in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Mairym Llorens and Reed Blaylock will be presenting.





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