Weekly Digest 04/30

Professor Shri Narayanan, who is jointly appointed in the Department of Linguistics, has won the 2018 Viterbi School of Engineering Senior Research Award. Congratulations, Shri!!

USC alumni were well represented at WCCFL at UCLA this past weekend, with presentations by Heather Goad (McGill), Brian Hsu (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Saurov Syed (University of Auckland)! Guilherme D. Garcia & Heather Goad presented “Can you have stress without feet”; Brian Hsu presented “Scalar constraints and gradient symbolic representations generate exceptional prosodification effects without exceptional prosody”, and Brian Hsu & Saurov Syed presented “Variation in the co-occurrence of indexical elements: Evidence for split indexical projections in DPs.” Here’s Brian presenting:


USC was also well represented at the recent Southern California Undergraduate Linguistics Conference (SCULC), held on April 14 at UCLA! Catherine Wang gave a talk titled: “Effects of Adjective Syntax on Subjectivity Perception in News Discourse” and Mary Coates gave a poster titled “Bimoraicity of /R/ in Standard German.”

Mary Coates, who is a graduating senior, was recently selected as a recipient of a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award in Germany next year! Congrats Mary!!

And last week, Ana Besserman gave a talk at the Chicago Linguistics Society (CLS 54) titled “The discourse status of existential implicit arguments: Investigating referent accessibility through sluicing.” Here are a few pics of gorgeous Chicago:

* * *

Monday (04/30) at 3:30pm in the Conference Room: Syntax+! Guest speaker Ivona Kucerova (McMaster University) will give a talk titled “Associative constructions: An argument for Distributed Semantics.”

Thursday (05/03) at 11am in the Conference Room:  Psycholing lab meetingMadhumanti Datta, Betul Erbasi and Sarah Lee will present “Bridging References from Events and Entities in online Sentence Comprehension.”

On Thursday we will also have our end of semester party!!! Please RSVP on the link our wonderful event organizers Miran and Sarah sent out earlier this month.


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