Weekly Digest 04/16

Congratulations to Dr. Samantha Gordon Danner, who will be (re)joining the department as a Postdoctoral Scholar beginning May 1st! She will be working in the Phonetics Laboratory focusing on the area of prosody and articulatory timing.

Last week, Yoona Yee gave a talk titled “Implicational Universals in the Typology of Consonant Harmony” and Arthur Santana presented a poster titled “Is there reduction via laxing in northern dialects of Brazilian Portuguese?” at Glow 41 in Budapest, Hungary:

* * *

This week, at USC Linguistics…

Monday (04/16) at 3:30pm in the Conference Room: Syntax+! Tommy Tsz-Ming Lee is going to give a talk titled “Aspectual verbs in Cantonese: Overt QR and Scope Economy.”

Thursday (04/19) at 2pm in the Conference Room: Psycholing Lab Meeting! Monica Do presents “Psych verbs amaze Monica: How the conceptual structure of psych verbs influences production planning.”

and also Thursday (04/119), at 4:30pm in GFS108: ShLAC (Language & Computation) lab meeting!


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