Weekly Digest 04/02

Many congratulations to Professor Elsi Kaiser, who has been awarded an NSF grant to investigate “Subjectivity in language processing: Linguistic and psychological aspects of perspective-taking”. This multi-year project will run until 2021! Congrats Elsi!

This past weekend, Wichita State University hosted the Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages (FASAL) 8, organized by alumna Mythili Menon!
Roumyana Pancheva was a keynote speaker, presenting “Measuring by number” Madhumanti Datta presented “Prosody-Driven Movement: Evidence from Bangla”, Bhamati Dash presented ”’Verb Stacking’ in Fragment Answers: Evidence from Hindi”, Stefan Keine and Bhamati Dash presented “Scrambling-agreement interactions and the cyclicity of Agree.”, and Stefan Keine and Rajesh Bhatt presented “A Secondary-crossover effect in Hindi”.

* * *
This week, in the USC Linguistics department…

Monday (04/02) at 2:30pm in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Arthur Santana presents “Is there reduction via laxing in northern dialects of Brazilian Portuguese?” and Yoona Yee presents “Implicational universals in the typology of consonant harmony”.

and Thursday (04/05), at 4:30pm in GFS108: ShLAC (Language & Computation) lab meeting!



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