Weekly Digest 03/26

Congratulations to Cynthia Yoonjeong Lee, who last week successfully defended her dissertation “The Prosodic Substrate of Consonant and Tone Dynamics”!!!

Stephanie Shih gave an invited talk titled “Lexically-conditioned phonology in probabilistic grammar” at the Colloquium at University of Arizona Linguistics Department. There were desserts and desert! The after-colloquium party included a dessert potluck; the second picture is of the saguaro cactus forest in the desert outside of Tucson:

* * *
This week, in the USC Linguistics department…

Monday (03/26) at 2:30pm in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Professional Development Discussion: Dani Byrd will talk about thinking about authorship and a look at USC Academic Senate’s “Guidelines for Assigning Authorship and for Attributing Contributions to Research Products and Creative Works”, and Yoonjeong (Cynthia) Lee will talk about data citation and attributions in linguistics.

also on Monday, at 3:30pm in the Conference Room: Syntax+! Bhamati Dash is presenting a talk titled “Verb Stacking’ in Fragment Answers: Evidence from Hindi.

Thursday (03/29) at 1pm in the Conference Room: Psycholing lab meeting! Jesse Storbeck will present “Acquisition of probabilistic non-adjacent dependencies in an artificial grammar.”

also on Thursday, at 4:30pm in GFS108: ShLAC (Language & Computation) lab meeting!


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