Weekly Digest 03/19

On March 2nd, Andrew Simpson gave a talk as invited speaker at the Current Issues in Comparative Syntax conference held in the National University of Singapore: “Phases vs. Cyclic Linearization Spell-Out Domains: two perspectives on cyclicity.”

And this past weekend the USC Psycholinguistics Lab sent some of its members to the 2018 CUNY Sentence Processing conference in beautiful Davis, CA. Ana Besserman presented “How accessible in the discourse model are implicit arguments? An investigation using sluicing” (with Elsi Kaiser), Jesse Storbeck presented “Animacy and possession type guide interpretation of ambiguous VP ellipsis” (with Elsi Kaiser), Monica Do presented “Now You See it, Now You Don’t: Visual Cues Modulate Short vs Long Passive Production” (with Elsi Kaiser) and “Subjecthood is Privileged in Message Formulation: Real-time Production of wh-Questions in English and Mandarin” (with Elsi Kaiser and Pengchen Zhao), and Elsi Kaiser presented “Adjective interpretation across the senses: On the subjective nature of sight, smell and taste” (with Catherine Wang and Gwenyth Portillo-Wightman) and “If I were you: Inducing Non-default Interpretations of Perspective-sensitive Items in the Visual World” (Johanna Klages, Elsi Kaiser, Anke Holler and Thomas Weskott). 

* * *

This week, at USC linguistics…

Monday 03/19 at 2:30pm in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Miran Oh presents “Timing of oral and larynx gestures in ejectives and imposives”.

Thursday 03/22 at 1pm in the Conference Room: Psycholing Lab Meeting! Sarah Lee presents “Pragmatic Enrichment during Event Comprehension: Investigating the role of context in processing inferred results”.



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