Welcome to the new Linguistics cohort!

We are so very happy to *officially* introduce the new cohort of Linguistics graduate students at USC: Welcome, class of 2022!

Brooke Kidner


Brooke Kidner

I’m Brooke, and I’m a native Californian and completed my undergraduate work right here at USC in Linguistics and Psychology, where I was a member of the executive board for USiL (the undergraduate counterpart to GSiL). So I guess that makes me a “Double Trojan?” After graduating I spent the last year or so living in Barcelona, Spain teaching at a pre-school! As much fun as kids are, I’m glad to be back and continuing my studies.
My interests in linguistics are in Phonology and Psycholinguistics, particularly with Native American languages. I completed my undergraduate thesis on metrical stress patterns in Lakota. I plan to continue working with Native American languages during my graduate career as well.
Other than that my non-linguistic interests include Yoga, Obstacle-Course Racing, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter… and pretty much anything else super nerdy.

Tommy Lee

Hi everyone!

Tommy Lee

I am Tommy Lee and I am from Hong Kong. I have done my BA in Japanese Studies and Linguistics in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  I pursued my MA in Japan, majoring in Linguistics in Kyoto University. I have good advise for anyone who is visiting Japan, especially Kyoto (a truly lovely place!)
I speak Cantonese, which my mother tongue. It is one of the varieties in Chinese but it is unintelligible with Mandarin. I also speak Mandarin and Japanese. My research interest lies in syntax (minimalist syntax!) and sentence-final particles. I recently started to learn formal semantics. Difficult, but fun!
Apart from linguistics, I like reading, hiking and visiting zoos, aquariums and botanic gardens. I am very fond of a Japanese character called Kapibara-san (see my picture), originated from capybara, an animal native to South America. I also enjoy gaming and thinking things like why we are the way we are. I love to listen to other’s world views.
I am happy to be at USC and I love the weather here very much. I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Haley Farkas


Haley Farkas

My name is Haley Farkas, and I’m from (just outside of) Detroit, Michigan. My research interests focus mainly on formal semantics, experimental semantics, psycholinguistics, and child language acquisition.
I received my BA from Michigan State University in 2015, where I majored in Linguistics with a specialization in Cognitive Science. I received my MA in Linguistics from Northwestern University this summer. My MA thesis work is about the verification and acquisition of sentences involving verbal comparatives. Outside of academics, I enjoy bad TV, coffee, and petting my dog, Cosmo.

Yijing Lu

Hi, my name is Yijing Lu. I am originally from China. My hometown, Suzhou, is a city in the east with many canals, bridges, and classical gardens. I did my undergrad at Nanjing University (Nanjing is another city in my province), majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. It’s kind of related to linguistics but more like language pedagogy. Then I did my masters at Harvard, in a program called Regional Studies East Asia.

Yijing Lu

During my master’s studies, I took some linguistics classes and worked on the syntax of Mandarin Chinese. My MA thesis discusses a special construction called ‘gapless relative clause’ in Mandarin. Here at USC I am very excited about learning more syntax, and exploring some new areas for me like psycholinguistics and phonetics. Apart from linguistics, I enjoy eating and leisure walking. Glad to join USC and meet you all!

Jina Song

Hi! My name is Jina Song and I am from South Korea. I have completed my B.A. in English Language & Literature from Ewha Womans University and my M.A. from Seoul National University.

jina song
Jina Song

My main research interests are psycholinguistics and syntax. Within the field of psycholinguistics, I am interested in anticipatory sentence processing. I have worked on predictive processing of control sentences in Korean. Also, in syntax, I have studied various ellipsis phenomena, including sluicing, sprouting, and swiping. I am hoping to broaden and enrich my research here at USC.
Outside of linguistics, I am a mother of a 5-month-old baby. I think he likes the sunny weather in LA! I may bring him to the department, someday. When you see him, please say hello to him.
I am really excited to start at USC and look forward to my new life in LA.

Silvia Kim 

Silvia Kim


My name is Silvia Kim. I was born in Korea but raised in Costa Rica. I speak Spanish, Korean, and English (believe it or not, my native language is Spanish).
I have a B.M. in Piano from the National University of Costa Rica and a M.A. in Spanish Language and Literature from Seoul National University. My research mainly involves syntax and psycholinguistics, especially bilingual sentence processing, but also hope to explore other interface areas at USC.
Besides linguistics, I’m passionate about music, sports, and I love traveling! I am so happy to be part of USC and look forward to getting to know everyone 🙂


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