USC Ling Weekly Digest 09/05

Congratulations to Charlie O’Hara, whose paper “How abstract is more abstract? Learning abstract underlying representations” just came out in Phonology!

Sandy Disner presented “Earwitness reliability through a lens of psycholinguistics and acoustics” (joint work with Andrés Benítez) at the 26th Annual International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics (IAFPA) conference in Split, Croatia this July.

Sandy also participated in the annual West Coast Roundtable on Language and Law at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana this August.  Sandy says that “by happy coincidence, a total eclipse of the sun passed just south of Bozeman in the beautiful Grand Tetons, where I was being hosted by friends.  Conference accommodations don’t usually include a sky show!”

Hajime Hoji has published a response to Chomsky’s recent essay “The Galilean Challenge”, titled “Galileo’s Other Challenge”: Hajime’s response is a basis for Chapter 1 of the book he is working on now, Experiments in Language Faculty Science.
You can find Hajime’s response here, and Chomsky’s original essay here.


Here’s what’s happening this week:

Thursday (09/07) at 11:30am in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Charlie O’Hara will present “Soft typology from learning bias even with markedness hierarchies” and Yifan Yang will present “Quantified exponence constraints and the typology of exponence”.




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