USC Ling June Digest (Special Summer Edition)

Triple congratulations to Peter Guekguezian are in order:

Last month Peter successfully defended his dissertation “Prosodic Recursion and Syntactic Cyclicity inside the Word” and accepted a post-doc at the University of Rochester beginning this fall!

Peter also competed and had an incredible run at Jeopardy!, which aired this week. Congratulations on your amazing 3-day winning streak, Peter! You can read more about Peter on Jeopardy! here.


Andrew Simpson presented a paper on “Parallels in the structure of phases in clausal and nominal domains” as an invited speaker at the 6th Cambridge Comparative Syntax Conference, May 4-6, developing joint work with Saurov Syed.


Khalil Iskarous gave a talk titled “Dynamical possibilities for a theory of sound change: The Fokker-Planck Equation” at the University of  Bolzano on June 17.


If you have any news or updates for the blog, please send them to us!

We hope everyone is having a lovely summer.


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