USC Ling Weekly Digest May 8

Congratulations to Chorong Kang and Syed Saurov,
who both successfully defended their dissertations last week! 

Over the weekend, Roumi Pancheva visited Salt Lake City, the site of the LSA Annual Meeting, January 4-7, 2018. If you go to the LSA, you too can see these mountains!


The Southern California Meeting in Phonology (SCaMP) was held at UCLA on Saturday, May 6. Charlie O’Hara gave a talk on “Interactions of learnability and phonological grammar drive the typology of coda stop inventories.” A bunch of the USC gang joined for merriment afterwards at Barneys in Westwood.


Betül Erbaşı and Songül Gündoğdu presented “Ezafe across language families: Iranian and Altaic” at the 1st North American Conference on Iranian Languages (NACIL1) in Stony Brook (april 28-30).


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