USC Ling Weekly Digest April 3

April is here!

Congratulations to Brian Hsu (USC Ph.D. 2016) on being offered and accepting a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill!


This past weekend a group of USC linguists met up at CUNY, which took place at MIT. Binh Ngo presented a poster on “Discourse coherence and pronoun use: Null and overt pronouns in Vietnamese” (joint work with Elsi Kaiser), Ana Besserman presented a poster titled “Discourse and Sentence-level Expectations in Second Language Comprehension: Addressing the RAGE hypothesis” (joint work with Elsi Kaiser), alumna Barbara Tomaszewicz presented a poster on “Focus structures and the processing of discourse congruence” (joint work with Petra Schumacher), and Elsi Kaiser presented a poster titled “Research is fun, psycholinguists are intelligent: Perspective sensitivity in adjectives” (joint work with Jamie Herron Lee) and gave a talk on “Prosodic reflection of rapidly-updated expectations: Revisiting givenness” (joint work with Iris Ouyang and Sasha Spala).


Thursday, 04/06 at 5pm in GFS330: Psycholinguistics Lab meeting! Stefan Keine will presentDiagnosing constraints through inter-speaker variability”.


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