USC Ling Weekly Digest Feb.27

Coming your way soon: Chorong Kang’s new son Dan!
Chorong will be returning to USC to complete and defend her dissertation in late April/May, and will be bringing her son along with her.  Dan is going to be checking USC out as a possible place for his later studies, so please give him a warm welcome.


Congratulations to Shri Narayanan, who was named first holder of the Niki and C. L. Max Nikias Chair in Engineering! Read more here.

Last week, Rachel Walker taught a mini course at MIT on “Sub-segmental Representation” and she gave a colloquium on Temporal Structure in Phonology”. Her visit coincided with unseasonably warm record-breaking weather in Cambridge.
Here’s a picture of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston near MIT:

Elsi Kaiser gave a talk entitled “Who should I agree with? Imposters and mismatches in pronominal agreement” at the Debrecen Workshop on Pronouns, held at the University of Debrecen, in Hungary. Here are some pictures of the University:

And here’s the scoop on this week:

Thursday 03/02 at 5pm in the Linguistics Conference Room:
Psycholinguistics lab meeting! Jesse Storbeck will talk about his screening project on “Acquisition of non-adjacent categorical dependencies in an artificial grammar.”

And Friday 03/03, NhaBinh Ngo will give a practice talk on “What influences the choice of classifier? A case study in Vietnamese”, in preparation for a talk she will give at Northeastern Illinois University. Exact time and place will be announced soon.

As usual, if you have any news or updates, please send them our way!


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