USC Ling Weekly Digest Jan. 23

Hello, linguists! Here’s what is going on this week:

Monday 01/23, 3:30pm in GFS330: don’t miss the talk by Ryan Bennett on “Prosodic smothering in Macedonian and Kaqchikel.”

Thursday 01/26 will be a busy day! Get ready for:

. at 3:30pm in GFS204: Syntax+! Ksenia Bogomolets will present a talk entitled “Being exceptional is important for the whole family: Agreement paradigms in Algonquian” (joint work with Paula Fenger, Adrian Stegovec).

. at 4:30pm in the Reading Room: PhonLunch! Jessica Harmon will give a practice talk for her presentation at BLS titled “Simultaneous articulation as a window into structure: non-manual negation as explicit scope marking in ASL.”

. at 5pm in GFS330: Psycholing lab meeting! Monica Do will give a talk on “Syntactic Satiation and Syntactic Priming: Two sides of the same coin?”


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