USC Ling Weekly Digest Nov.07

November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.” Emily Dickinson

Greetings, everyone! It’s November 7th (!), and here’s what awaits you this week:

Monday 11/7 at 3:30 in GFS330: Syntax+! Huilin Fang will present “Some remarks on Mandarin imperfective marker Zhe” (cooperation with Alfredo).

Tuesday 11/8 at 3:30pm in GFS330: PhonLunch! Caitlin Smith and Reed Blaylock will give a presentation.

Thursday 11/10 at 2pm in the Reading Room: Psycholing Lab Meeting! Binh Ngo will talk about “Referential forms in narratives: Pear Stories in Vietnamese.”


Rachel Walker gave a talk in Tromsø on “Sub-segmental temporal relations and non-discrete segmental structure” at the workshop on Hierarchical Structures in Phonology, Morphology and Syntax, on October 28th, at UiT, The Arctic University of Norway.

Maury Lander-Portnoy gave a talk titled “Patterns of glimpsing windows affect release from energetic masking” at the 2nd Workshop on Psycholinguistic Approaches to Speech Recognition in Adverse Conditions (PASRAC2), Oct 31 – Nov 1. He also got to hang out with Johanna!

Ana Besserman gave a talk titled “Effects of Information Status on The Processing of Ambiguous Sentences: The Interplay of Pragmatics and Verb Argument Structure” (joint work with Elsi Kaiser) at the 3rd International Conference of the American Pragmatics Association (AMPRA 2016) at Indiana University Bloomington.


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