USC Ling Weekly Digest Oct.03

Aaaaaand it’s October! Here’s what awaits you this week:

Monday, 10/03 at 3:30pm in GFS330, our very own Lauren Winans will give a colloquium talk titled “The inferential use of future-tense markers”.

Also on Monday, Syntax+ is gathering for drinks at Study Hall (on Hoover & 29th) after the colloquium dinner!

Tuesday, 10/04 at 9:30am in GFS330, Caitlin Smith will present “Harmony triggering as a contrastive property of segments” and Reed Blaylock will talk about “Driving derived environement effects with alignment constraints”.

Thursday, 10/06 at 3:30pm in GFS217, Eva Wittenberg (UCSD) will give a talk titled “That’s not it: What pronouns can tell us about objects and events”.

Don’t forget to submit any news or events to our USCLing blog via this link, which you can also find in the blog’s homepage!




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