USC Ling Weekly Digest!

Very special shout-out and congratulations to Mythili Menon, who has recently accepted a tenure-track position at Wichita State University (and also had an offer of a 2-year post-doc at UConn) and to alumni Canan Ipek, who has accepted a lecturer position at USC Psychology department for next year!

Some very relevant information from last month: Audrey Li (USC) & Fuzhen Si (Beijing Language and Culture University) organized the Workshop on Universals and Variations in Syntax at the Beijing Language and Culture University (March 15th, 2016). Hajime Hoji, Audrey Li, Maria Luisa Zubizarreta & Roumyana Pancheva all presented papers!

Congrats to all the students who presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium for Scholarly and Creative work! A special shout-out to Brooke Kidner for winning honorable mention! Way to go!

Alfredo Garcia Pardo will soon be on his way to the Romance se-si workshop at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (April 21-22) to present “Two types of anticausative se: The case of Spanish light verbs.”  

Furthermore, lots of our USC peers are heading towards Chicago this weekend for CLS 52! Charlie O’Hara (“Sonority Based Stress in Harmonic Grammar: Nontransitive Conflation in Phonological Hierarchies”), Hayeon Jang (“A constraint schema for the OCP: modeling scalar interactions”) and Saurov Syed (joint work with Andrew Simpson: “On the DP/NP status of nominal projections in Bangla: Consequences for the theory of phases”).

Do not forget: this Thursday, 4/21, we are having out *** 5th ANNUAL BAKE-OFF *** !!! Please prepare your most delicious treats to enter this joyful competition. We’ll meet at the usual tea-time location at the usual tea-time time.
(PS. baked goods with punny and linguistic-oriented names are always a plus 😉 )

Here’s what is going on this week:

Today, Monday 4/18 at 4pm in the Conference Room: Syntax Plus! Haley Wei will be presenting Landau’s (2015) incorporation of Point of View into a theory of control.

Thursday, 4/21 at 2:30 in the Conference Room: PhonLunch! Peter Guekguezian will talk about  “Acoustics of stress in Chukchansi Yokuts”

Also on Thurday, 4/21, at 3:30pm in the usual tea time location: OUR 5th ANNUAL BAKE-OFF!

And at 4pm: Psycholing Lab! Johanna Klages (University of Göttingen, Germany) will present “On Some Cues for Perspective Shift in German and English”.


Here are some pics from the Undergraduate Research Symposium (Brooke Kidner and Rachel Walker; Sasha Spala, Elsi Kaiser, Katie Roberts and Sayuli Bhide):




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