USC Ling Weekly Digest!

Welcome back, everyone!

Conferences & other news

Congrats to everyone who just presented at the LSA annual meeting! Charlie O’Hara presented “Harmony in Harmonic Grammar by Reevaluating Faithfulness”, Caitlin Smith presented “Transparency and Blocking in Harmony: A Gestural Account” and Peter Guekguezian presented “Cyclic Morphosyntax Triggers Recursive PWds: Evidence from Chukchansi Yokuts”.

Elsi Kaiser presented at a Workshop on Animacy in Language and Cognition, held at the University of Leeds in the UK. Her talk was on “Animacy effects in relative clauses: Insights from psycholinguistics and corpus data”, which is collaborative work with USC alumn Fuyun Wu (Associate Professor in Shanghai) and Elaine Anderson (professor emerita in the USC Psychology department).

Elsi Kaiser will also be giving an invited talk at a workshop on Events in Language and Cognition (, which will be held right before the CUNY sentence processing conference this spring.

The Annual Meeting in Phonology (AMP) 2016 will be hosted by the USC Linguistics Department, October 21-23. And we’ve already got the website up and running! Visit

Happening this week

On Tuesday (01/19), at 11am in the conference room – PhonLunch special edition: alumna Dr. Jong-mi Kim will present “Phonological cues for brand naming to sell world-wide”. Dr. Kim received her Linguistics MA and PhD at USC, and is now a professor at Kangwon National University.

Thursday (01/21), at 2:30pm in the conference room – PhonLuch: Caitlin Smith will give a talk! 

Also this Thursday (01/21), at 4pm – The first Psycholing lab meeting of the semester! Find us in the linguistics conference room.


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