USC Ling Weekly Digest!

Last week, Mythili Menon gave an invited talk titled “Reevaluating standard analyses of comparison: the view from Dravidian” at AFest: A Symposium in honor of Prof. R. Amritavalli, at the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad.

Here’s what is going on this week:

On Monday, at 3:30 pm in GFS330 – don’t miss our last colloquium of the fall semester! Lanko Marusic (University of Nova Gorica) will give a talk titled Where can linearity trump hierarchy in morphosyntax?”.  

The colloquium talk will be followed by a reception, and at 7pm we will be hosting a professionalization event for graduate students to talk to graduates of the department who have secured jobs outside of academia. Topics of discussion include day-to-day job duties, necessary skills, how linguistics expertise is applied, and how non-academic positions are found.

Tuesday at 2:30pm in GFS330: Phon Lunch! Charlie O’Hara will give a talk on “Avoiding Accidental Gaps by Learning Underlying Representations with Maximum Entropy”.

And on Thursday, at 5pm in GFS 330, we will have our end-of-the-year Holiday Party! Don’t miss out on this chance to celebrate with your fellow linguists. This event will be a potluck (a signup sheet was sent out over email) so come share delicious treats, participate in the traditional ugly sweater contest and listen to holiday tunes from all over the world.


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