USC Ling Weekly Digest!

This week, Khalil Iskarous will be teaching a mini-course at Paris 7 to students from France and Germany titled “Articulatory-acoustic relations: From (very) basic principles to simulation”. Khalil will also be giving a talk on “Computation: from physics and biology to cognition”.

Betül Erbaşı presented a poster titled “Reduplicative Adverbs: Redefining Words” at the Turkish, Turkic and the languages of Turkey conference at UMass Amherst this past weekend.

Enjoy the thanksgiving break this week! But don’t forget, we have exciting events coming up the following week:  Monday, 11/30, Lanko Marusic will be presenting at the colloquium at 3:30pm, followed by a reception at 5pm and a professionalization event for graduate students at 7pm!

The professionalization event will feature graduates of the department who have secured jobs outside of academia. Topics of discussion include day-to-day job duties, necessary skills, how linguistics expertise is applied, and how non-academic positions are found. There will also be a Q&A session.

Last week we celebrated Vietnamese Teacher’s Day at Tea Time (thanks Binh for the delicious cake!), we had a very special Syntax+wine event (thanks Thomas and Ulli for hosting!) and we also had a Star Wars movie night with Usil (thanks to everyone who helped out and attended, it was lots of fun!):




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