USC Ling Weekly Digest!

This past week Roumi Pancheva and Peter Guekguezian gave talks at the Perfect Variation conference in Trondheim, Norway. Roumi gave an invited talk titled “Reference Time, Perfect Time Span, and Adverbial Modification”. Peter’s talk was on “Coercion of Bounded Aspect as Syntactic Feature Agreement”.

Binh Ngo gave a colloquium talk at Northeastern Illinois University titled “Null vs. Overt: Subject/Topic Effects on Determining the Referent of Vietnamese Pronouns”.

Rachel Walker will be giving a talk on Monday, November 9 in the Mind, Technology, and Society talk series at UC Merced titled “The organization of liquid consonants ‘l’ and ‘r’ in syllables: An articulatory view using real-time MRI”.

Don’t miss all the exciting events going on this week:

Monday, 11/09
Syntax Plus will meet at 3:30pm in GFS330: Syed Saurov, Ulli Steindl and Thomas Borer will give short presentations on current work.

Tuesday, 11/10
At 2:30pm in GFS330: Phon Lunch! Cynthia Lee will present on “Tonal targets for Seoul Korean Accentual Phrase across various phonological contexts”

Also this Tuesday, at 7:30pm: Khalil Iskarous will be speaking in the fall meeting of the USC/UCLA phonology seminar on “Dynamical and algebraic substrates of markedness and faithfulness”.

Thursday, 11/12
At 3:30pm in the Linguistics Department: Tea Time!!!

Here’s Binh at her talk:



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