USC Ling Weekly Digest!

Happy Monday, folks! Here is this week’s digest:

On October 30th, Karen Jesney gave a colloquium at New York University on “Some typological consequences of weighted constraints”.

Mythili Menon will be presenting her talk “Than encodes comparative semantics” in Stanford at CUSP 8 (NOV 6-7).

Here’s what we have going on this week:

Monday 11/02 at 3:30pm in GFS330: Colloquium speaker Adam Ussishkin (University of Arizona, USA) will give a talk titled “Maltese root priming is morphological, not phonological“. 

On Thursday 11/05 at 3:30pm in the Linguistics Department: Tea Time!!!

And thanks so much to everyone who could come to our Halloween party this past Saturday!! Special thanks to Cynthia and Chad for hosting it!


PS. I wish I had done a better job taking pictures – so sorry to all of those who I didn’t capture in a photo. I’ll get you next year!


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