Weekly Digest

Hey everyone! We have a new blog address: please visit us at USC Ling https://uscling.wordpress.com/

And here’s what is going on in our department this week:

USC is sending several presenters to NELS at Concordia University in Montreal: Alfredo Garcia-Pardo, Jessica Harmon, Brian Hsu, Lanko Marusic, and Charlie O’Hara!

Monday, October 12

Phon Lunch, 11am in the Conference Room: Charlie O’Hara on “Harmony in Harmonic Grammar by reevaluating faithfulness”

Colloquium, 3:30pm in the Conference Room : Sam Tilsen (Cornell University) will be presenting on Selection-coordination theory. Reception to follow.

Tuesday, October 13

Phon Lunch, 2:30pm in the Conference Room: Hayeun Jang on “Super cumulative OCP effect in Swedish”

Notification about the Alumni in Industry event:

The event has been moved to November 30th (it has originally been scheduled for November 2nd). It will still be held after colloquium reception, from 7pm to no later than 8:30pm in the linguistics department conference room. Here’s a reminder of the plan for this event:

The linguistics department will be hosting a professionalization event for graduate students to talk to recent graduates of the department who have secured jobs outside of academia. Topics of discussion include day-to-day job duties, necessary skills, how linguistic expertise is applied, and how non-academic positions are found. There will also be a Q&A session. Additional details about the event, including the list of participating graduates in industry, will be provided soon.

Reminder: LING4Change!

Don’t forget that we have put up collection boxes in the student’s lounge to gather donations for the Downtown Women’s Center! Clothing & Accessories (laundered, folded, and in good condition) are more than welcome, as well as donations of food and personal hygiene items.

We also have a box to collect commonly used items for recycling that are not recyclable by municipal programs so we can take those to Terracycle: any old Brita filters, used toothbrushes, cereal bar wrappers, snack bags and broken pens are welcome to this box!


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