SCROLL issue for the week of October 17, 2011


Louis Goldstein was elected fellow of the Linguistic Society of America, the prestigious organization focused on the promotion of the scientific study of language. It is not very often that a linguist receives such an honor. Congratulations, Louis!

Ellen O’Connor and Roumi Pancheva have attended a reception for National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship recipients and their advisors. Ellen’s is one of only 10 fellowships awarded nationally to linguistics this year. Congratulations for an impressive achievement!

Upcoming talks:

Phonlunch: Karen Jesney: TBA. Linguistics Reading Room (GFS 330) – October 17th

Phonetics Lab: Khalil Iskarous: TBA. RTH320 – October 19th. 11:00-11:45

Phonetics Lab: Sandy, Sergio and Fang-Ying: Poster presentation. Linguistics conference Room – October 20th. 12:30-1:00

Syntax+: Katy McKinney-Bock: ‘An argument for interval semantics of gradable adjectives’. Linguistics Reading Room – October 24th 2:30-3:45h

Phonlunch: Peter Ara Guekguezian
Prosodic Morphology in Chukchansi Yokuts’ Linguistics Reading Room – October 26th 1:00 – 2:00h

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